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In this super-complex,

crazy-paced world, it takes courage and skill to work and live with open minds and hearts.

I work globally to help people bring their humanity, hope, and creativity forward in meaningful, effective, and satisfying ways, aligned with their purpose. 

Susan Mann

I’m a deeply experienced leader, coach, and facilitator.
I design and deliver high-value, award-winning learning
experiences for individuals, teams, and groups.


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A nature girl at heart, I was born in Seattle.  After a successful 15-year executive career in banking, I threw in the towel and moved to Hawaii.  With the ocean breeze in my face and sand in my toes, I reconnected with my soul and claimed my life purpose: creating opportunities for people to grow. 


Since returning to the Pacific Northwest over 20 years ago, I met my husband Charles Bergman, became a credentialed coach, and worked in my dream job at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation until becoming a solopreneur.  Chuck and I love adventure travel and have seen every one of the world’s 18 penguin species in their native wild habitat. 

Signature Strengths

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence | Gratitude | Hope | Love | Curiosity | Creativity | Zest

“Susan is among the brightest, most strategic, and most personable individuals
I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Senior Vice President, global company

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