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Be Inspired

Your best whole self

—  Finding Fertile Ground Podcast Chuck Bergman and Susan Mann: A Story of Penguins, Hope, and Resilience

—  Ways to be Brave by Susan Mann

—  Gifts of Imperfection Hub free resources by Dr. Brené Brown

—  Following Your Passions Podcast Susan Mann with Karen Walrond

—  David Whyte poetry and more to fill your spirit

Be Informed

Leadership and coaching

—  5 Leadership Lessons from Every Penguin in the World with Dr. Kathryn Bingham of LEADistics | Watch Interview

—  Charles Bergman and Susan Mann’s Author Journey The Book Marketing Action Podcast with Becky Robinson

—  What Penguins Teach Us About Resilience at Work Susan Mann and Chuck Bergman on HR Breakfast Club Podcast

—  Dare to Lead Hub free resources by Dr. Brené Brown

—  The Generous Heart of Coaching by Susan Mann

—  Expanded Coaching Culture Drives Results by Susan Mann & Sandy Smith, TD Magazine

—  Leadership Challenges and How to Deal with Them Podcast Susan Mann with Joanna Chmura (in English) & Article (in Polish)

—  We Have a Duty to Fight for a Better World Interview with Susan Mann by Visao | In Portuguese

Be Wild

Nature and adventure

—  A king penguin and a wedding anniversary inspired a couple to see all 18 species – an article featured in The Washington Post.

—  My husband Chuck Bergman took all the awe-inspiring photographs on my website during our travels together.  See more of his work.

—  Download this free desktop wallpaper “Wild Beauty” featuring some of Chuck’s best images

—  Cover story about our penguin quest in Bird Watching magazine, written by Chuck and with his photos

—  Make a Difference tips to help the natural world by Susan Mann and Chuck Bergman

—  Audubon’s tips for bird-friendly yards

—  Download Chuck Bergman's beautiful, high-resolution Free 11x17 Penguin Poster

Every Penguin in the World: The Quest to See Them All

Every Penguin in the World: 
The Quest to See Them All

Every Penguin is Chuck’s book about our incredible adventure to see all 18 penguin species in the world.  Order the book and check out the reader’s guide, educational guide, and other great resources here. Big news: Dr. Jane Goodall wrote a glowing endorsement of Every Penguin.  So excited!

Every Penguin in the World: The Quest to See Them All
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