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Workshops and Interactive Presentations

Based on 20 years of research, Dare to Lead™ is an evidence-based program

to build courage – the #1 skill we all need now.  

Engage your head and heart. Lead bravely. Accomplish great results.

Can you be a braver leader?

Is there space in today’s workplaces for more humanity and love?

Can you show up at work as a whole human being?

Yes!  Do what’s uncomfortable and discover what’s possible. 


I offer everything from 60-minute interactive presentations to the complete 24-hour Dare to Lead™ curriculum.  I draw on my life stories, wisdom, and the work of Dr. Brené Brown to help you boost your self-awareness, lean into vulnerability, and gain practical skills.  Available virtually and in-person for teams, groups, and 1:1.  Read more about Dare to Lead™.

Upcoming Events

“Susan creates a safe and open space for participation, learning, curiosity, and shared commitment.  She leads by example through stories and acknowledges that this is ongoing work—not quick fixes. Her warmth and easy laughter set a good tone.  We loved the images and parallels in the Dare to Lead™ program to her values of love and nature.”

Kelly O’Brien, Vice President of Philanthropy,

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center  

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