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Get Your Nature Fix

How much time do you spend outdoors in a week?

There’s a growing body of evidence to support what feels intuitively true: people need to spend time in the natural world regularly. When we do, we benefit holistically – body, mind, spirit.

This summer the New York Times wrote about a study of 20,000 people done in England. I wasn’t surprised to read this in the article: “It found that people who spent two hours a week or more outdoors reported being in better health and having a greater sense of well-being than people who didn’t get out at all.”

One favorite way to get my nature fix is long weekend walks. Sometimes alone; sometimes with a friend. When the weather’s good on work from home days, I sit outside to eat my lunch. I watch and listen to the birds in our garden and sometimes see bunnies and deer. My afternoon’s always better after that. I’m better at home and at work when I get my two hours plus a week outdoors.

What can you do to find more time for nature in your week?


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1 Comment

Sep 06, 2019

I commit to a walk every day for just 10 minutes and if it is a nice day I sent on a park bench just taking in the beauty of people animals and connecting with my thoughts. Thank you for creating this space of beauty and wisdom.

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