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I’m a Dare to Lead™ Keynote Speaker

Last year, my friend Brené Brown invited me to join her Dare to Lead™ keynote speaking team. As her platform has expanded and people all over the world want to learn how to be courageous, Brené decided to make her work more widely available through a speaking team – just launched. I’m soooo excited about this!

What we thought would be in-person keynotes morphed due to COVID to be virtual keynote offerings. I’m available now to speak to groups anywhere in the world via video. I continue to offer Dare to Lead™ workshops, covering the four evidence-based courage-building skillsets. My keynote is a fantastic way to introduce a larger audience to this invaluable work. We’ve never needed courage more than we do now. 

For more information click here.

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1 comentario

22 jun 2020

Congratulations, Susan. I know you will be (and are) great at this.

Me gusta
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