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Magic and Mayhem: Find Joy Even When Things are Hard

Magic and Mayhem: Find Joy Even When Things are Hard

Happy Spring! 


As the trees sprout leaves and flowers come into bloom, my own energy and enthusiasm is rebounding. 


Over the past few years, I’ve experienced some personal highs and lows that have stretched me in ways both wonderful and painful.  My beloved sister died from brain cancer.  Other loved ones have suffered physically and psychologically.  Our new home flooded in a very serious way as we were moving in.  In the midst of navigating those things, we had the joys of welcoming another grandchild to the family, celebrating my Dad’s 98th birthday, and getting back to global travel post-COVID.   


I’m not alone in feeling the whiplash of highs and lows…and sometimes just feeling stuck in between.  I’ve described what we’ve all faced these past several years as a global vulnerability shit show.  Tons of challenges coming fast and furious – globally, in the US, and in our own lives and careers.  I hear the struggles from family, friends, and clients. 


Recently, I had a great conversation about this with my friend and coaching colleague Suzanne Weller.  Take a listen here at The Courage Effect.


It's easy to shut down when things are hard.  The cumulative impact of my own experiences led me to triple-down on my wellbeing.  How do I stay out of overwhelm?  How can I ground myself?  How can I create room for delight even in the midst of pain? 


A couple of years ago, I learned a lesson from my grandson – who was then five.  We were chatting on a family holiday and out of the blue, he looked at me and said, "Grandma Suzie, magic is real."  I had no idea where that came from!  I took a beat and looked him square in the eyes and said, "Yes, magic is real."


Since that charming conversation with my grandson, my motto is to find the magic even when things are hard.  What does that mean?  Be open to seeing what’s special around me.  Find wonder and beauty in the ordinary.  Look for opportunities to create a special moment.  Here are some recent examples for me:

·       Gathered with loved ones and celebrated our friendships. 

·       Admired the bright goldfinches when they returned to our garden last week.

·       Listened to the breeze blowing through the leaves.

·       Took a long walk in the sunshine.

·       Offered words of gratitude and recognition to my husband, brother, and nephew.

·       Savored receiving “thank you” flowers from a colleague. 

For more ideas about how to boost your wellbeing and resilience, grab this free download of Top 10 Resilience Practices.


I wish you magic, even in the mayhem!

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