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What?! A newsletter and a blog?!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I know; go figure! Three years after I started my own business, I finally decided a website would be a good idea. At that time – summer 2018 – I said I’d never have a blog. There is so much content out there. What could I offer that would be unique? I found my way to the realization that there are things I want to share.

Come here to feed your heart and mind. You’ll get quick bits of:

· Beauty: my husband Chuck Bergman’s photos and some art from me

· Leadership advice: practical and actionable

· Inspiration: for daily life and for your big dreams

· Reflections: on inner journeys and outer adventures

What do you want to hear about? Send a note and let me know.

Me sitting on a hillside in Svalbard


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Sherry Essen
Sherry Essen
14 sep. 2019

Susan, I enjoyed knowing you a bit at Invitas and congratulations on starting your blog! I have felt exactly the same way (about starting a blog but haven’t done it). I like the authenticity of your website. I hope you share whatever is truly stirring and alive in you at any given moment. And stories / words you find yourself saying to clients over and over. You seem to have much wisdom to share and I’d love to hear your version. Plus I didn’t know about your husband’s photography and I just perused his photos. Ah-MAZ-ing. Warmly, Sherry


Lora Poepping
Lora Poepping
08 sep. 2019

I am so glad you are not dismissing what guidance and insights you can share with the world. You go! Looking forward to your posts.


06 sep. 2019

I love the pictures and look forward to reading your blogs...congrats!

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