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Feel the penguin love: Every Penguin in the World is released!

I am over the moon excited that Chuck’s book about our incredible 15 year quest to see all of the world’s penguin species is out now.

Penguins are the hardiest, most resilient animals I know and we’ve learned so much from them and about them over the years. Every Penguin was released in the midst of the pandemic, so we’re being nimble and drawing on social media and zoom to spread the word.

Do you belong to a book club that’s meeting virtually? Are you a parent playing teacher at home or a teacher helping young people learn virtually? We have fantastic free resources for you! Take a look at our Every Penguin book page here.

You’ll find:

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaching, this is an ideal time to learn more about the natural world. I write about my passion for it here. Many people are finding a boost of joy during the pandemic by watching short videos of zoo penguins going on field trips, made possible because us humans are not allowed in the zoos right now! Enjoy one of my favorites and feel the penguin glow – Humboldt Field Trip at St. Louis Zoo.

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