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How to be Super-Resilient

Resilience is not only the ability to bounce back from hard times. It’s a critical skill that helps us cope with challenges more courageously, more thoughtfully, and gain wisdom along the way. In 2019 and 2020, I asked over 500 people: “What favorite practices help you be resilient?” I received a thousand ideas!

A big takeaway from my study – make sure you have a collection of regular resilience routines that involve using all of your senses and caring for yourself in a holistic, integrated way: body, mind, heart, spirit.

Here’s a recap of the top ten resilience-building themes and a few activities that emerged from my study. To download the full list with lots of fantastic ways you can become more resilient, click here.

  1. Look after yourself: Stay true to your top values. Be compassionate with yourself. Get enough sleep.

  2. Move your body: Do something every day to get your blood flowing and air in your lungs. Bonus if you do it outdoors.

  3. Connect, with love: Ask for help from a trusted friend and offer help back. Laugh out loud. Share a good hug.

  4. Get into nature: Enjoy the trees and wildlife in your yard or green space nearby. Plant a garden.

  5. Create something: Get a hobby. Engage your right brain. Complete a puzzle.

  6. Make music: Sing with others or by yourself. Play, or learn to play, a musical instrument.

  7. Stretch and grow: Get perspective and look at things from other vantage points. Read to learn as well as to relax.

  8. Play with pets: Take your dog for a walk. Snuggle with your four-legged friend.

  9. Savor and enjoy: Cook a meal you love. Light candles. Arrange flowers and enjoy their scent.

  10. Unplug from it all: Remember to pause and breathe. Curate what news you watch or read and how much, how often.

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