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Ready for the New Year to Dawn

I bet you’re as ready as I am to leave 2020 behind. Early this fall, as the monotony of #stayhomestayhealthy caught up with me, I decided to refocus. Here’s what I’ve found helpful:

· Plan what’s possible to plan for 2021: work I’m excited about; a safe way to see family or friends; the garden I want to plant in the spring. We’re happier when we have things to look forward to. We’re more effective when we put energy into what we can influence and let go of what we have no control over.

· Explore locally. Every weekend Chuck and I go for a long walk or take a drive. There’s so much to enjoy in the Puget Sound region. One fun Saturday outing recently: a visit to the iconic Pike Place Market. It was bustling! We bought an armful of colorful, late-season fall dahlias from a farmer and picked up our favorite Italian treats at DeLaurenti Food and Wine.

· Daily gratitude and intention setting using The Five Minute Journal and weekly planning and daily priority setting using this Productivity Planner. I still rely heavily on my Outlook calendar and tasks, but there’s something valuable and comforting about investing 10-12 minutes a day writing in these two journals with my favorite pen.

· Send old-fashioned greeting cards. Each week I send a few beautiful cards to loved ones and clients. People so appreciate receiving a snail mail surprise! It makes me happy to know that someone else is happy.

What’s helping you stay on track? Please send me a note and tell me.

Photo by my husband Chuck - Assisi, Italy

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