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Reset. Re-entry. Resilience.

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in full bloom. I always know it’s arrived when the charming goldfinches and busy hummingbirds return to our garden.

This year more than ever, this is a season of rebirth. Many of my clients are back to hybrid work, navigating that crucial practical and emotional journey. Wise leaders are investing in purposeful re-entries: in-person team retreats focused on resetting and reconnecting: creating new team norms, growing the skills to have brave conversations, renewing trust. It’s been super-meaningful and inspiring for me to facilitate quite a few such retreats this spring.

Whether you’ve recently brought your team back to the office OR you’re a leader who wants to strengthen your team’s bonds and performance, here are some great resources:

  1. 5 Challenges of Hybrid Work — and How to Overcome Them ( | Author Martine Haas shares advice on how to address the challenges of communication, coordination, connection, creativity, and culture.

  2. Why We’ll Never Be the Same Again (and Why It’s Time to Talk About It) - Brené Brown ( | A must-listen interview by Brené Brown with organizational psychologist Scott Sonenshein. So many pearls in this interview, including Sonenshein’s insight about when in-person work is absolutely essential.

  3. Top 10 Resilience Practices | Taking great care of our bodies, minds, and spirits makes a difference: for you, your colleagues, your loved ones. A number of my clients have shared this resilience one-pager – based on my research – with their staffs. You’re welcome to do the same. And, be sure to commit to some of the resilience practices for yourself!

I’d love to hear how you’re holding up. Are you thriving or just hanging on? Drop me an email or send a note here .

Photos copyright Charles Bergman.

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