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What gives you hope?

September is a time of hope: back to school buzz and freshly sharpened pencils; summer lingers in the air as the snap of fall creeps in; still savoring summer travels while dreaming ahead to next year’s adventures.

2022 has brought a return to in-person facilitation (LOVE IT!) and big travel for me and Chuck Bergman. Family trips were a special joy this year: one with the Mann clan to Kauai in February and in June to England, Scotland, and the Shetland Islands. Our time in the UK included eight days with the Bergman clan in a legit 500 year old castle. Two favorite memories: five year old grandson Ben announcing “magic is real” (yes, it is) and two and a half year old granddaughter Georgie believing we owned the castle. When we visited her recently she asked if we’d flown over from our castle. Only mild disappointment when we told her we live in a normal house. 😊

All this time with nieces and nephews (ages 4 to 24) and our young grandkids gives me hope and fills my heart. They are smart; they care; they are curious and imaginative. The world needs this generation so much.

What else fills me with hope? Leaders doing good work and coaches who walk alongside and support them. It was a delight to talk recently with my friends and coaching colleagues Kristal Roberts and Tricia Rhine for their Lifting Leaders podcast. Hope you’ll take a listen here for ideas to give you hope and sustain your spirit.

Photographs: scenes from the Shetland Islands; copyright Charles Bergman and Susan Mann.

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