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Find the Light

Candles – Engelberg Monastery
(Candles – Engelberg Monastery)

As we wrap up another year, my wish for you is that you discover and share light and love through the holidays and 2024.  


How do you slow down and do that?  Invest a couple of minutes and read advice in this uplifting New York Times pieces by Mary Pipher.  She says: “No matter how dark the days, we can find light in our own hearts, and we can be one another’s light. We can beam light out to everyone we meet.”


I spent last week in Switzerland facilitating a team retreat.  In Zurich and then Engelberg, in the mountains, I saw twinkly lights glimmering and candles glowing everywhere.  These people know how to do it!  Especially during these short December days, I appreciate the sparkles.

Holidays Lights on Zurich Opera House
(Holiday Lights on Zurich Opera House)

And, what a gift to work with a team that shines so brightly, individually and collectively.  They are literally brilliant (“bright and radiant”) and doing life-saving work to help others.


Savoring the holiday glow of lights and witnessing an amazing team in action filled me up in all good ways.  Now, I’m excited to be back home and beam some of that light to those I love.  


Happy holidays to you and yours!

Carousel at Zurich Christmas Market
(Carousel at Zurich Christmas Market)

– All Photos © Copyright Susan Mann 2023 –

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